Sunday, February 15, 2009

commentary from the heroic Benyamin Solomon

Commentary from the heroic Benyamin Solomon:The Muslim Brotherhood is practically the father of radical Islam, which is a Fascist medieval ideology. MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Monitor is a great source to research the threat of militant Islam. This goes to show that the Muslim Brotherhood is not moderate, contrary to pro-Muslim Brotherhood propagandists like Robert Leiken and Steven Brooke. The Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-democratic Islamo-Nazi group. For Mahmoun Fandy, author of "America and the Arab world after 9/11" said, “The Nazis early on really sort of influenced that totalitarian impulse, the totalitarian streak in the Muslim Brotherhood.” The Muslim Brotherhood collaborated with the Nazis in WWII and got many totalitarian aspects from them. And the leader of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood at the time Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who founded the Palestinian terrorist struggle against Israel, was Hitler's best friend in the Muslim world. He helped bring Nazi anti-Semitism into the Middle East and said on Berlin radio to "Kill the Jews wherever you find them." He led two Bosnian Muslim SS. divisions and was one of the organizers of a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941. Though that coup fortunately failed, everyone who took part in the coup including Al-Husseini carried out a vicious terrorist pogrom on Iraqi Jews known as the Farhud. It got many Iraqi Jews to flee.
That Muslim Brotherhood website posted articles that spewed the basic concept of militant Islam, which is jihad against infidels.

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