Thursday, July 10, 2008

Purpose of the blog

This log is to expose the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] as it is. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a moderate group. It is a radical Islamist group that has the same world view and interpretations of Islam as Al Quada. However, unlike Al Quada, the Muslim Brotherhood, while it uses terrorism when convenient for them, does not only use terrorism. It also uses the political process. The The MB also inspired or was the father of many radical Islamist groups including Al Quada, Islamic Jihad. Hamas is the Palestinian wing of the MB. The MB is actually more dangerous than Al Quada because it as well as sometimes using terrorism, it also seeks to destroy the west from within. The MB's goal, like the goal of the rest of the radical Islamist movement, is to create a totalitarian Fundamentalist Islamic caliphate to dominate the world. The Shiite radical Islamists such as the regime in Iran and Hezobllah seek to have a Fundamentalist Shiite caliphate to dominate the world while Sunni radical Islamists including the Muslim Brotherhood seek to have a Fundamentalist Sunni caliphate dominate the world. Not only will we include articles exposing the Muslim Brotherhood, we'll also show you the MB in their own words. However, the title of their works [if an MB's members work includes a preface by someone who isn't a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, I will also include the preface in the works by MB members] shall also be the title in of their works shown in this blog. I fiercely oppose the MB and the rest of the radical Islamist movement. However, their works are shown mainly to expose this dangerous organization.

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